The story behind bloomon | modernising the flower industry

bloomon was founded by three rebels on a quest to turn the flower industry on its head. And spread happiness throughout the world. So far, they’re doing pretty well.

Meet Patrick, Bart and Koen…

Patrick loves to work with creative and tech talent. And connect the dots.
Bart is our supply chain guy. Perfectionist. Likes happy customers.
Koen is our number-cruncher. Knows all Excel shortcuts (and flowers) by heart.

Where it all began

Patrick’s family are in the flower business. Growing up, he witnessed an industry full of passionate breeders and growers who produced the most beautiful flowers. Yet all too often, they got lost in bad bouquets.

Flower sellers on the street corner were rapidly disappearing; and supermarkets and motorway petrol stations were now selling cheap bouquets, thrown together with little imagination. The personal touch was lost. And dare we say it, the flowers weren’t the freshest they could be. After being yanked out of the ground, they’d sit around on the back of a lorry, at an auction or wholesalers, and then in a shop, waiting for someone to come along and buy them. And hopefully before they wilted.

The pleasure of flowers had disappeared. No longer were they treasured as they should be. Instead, bouquets became a hassle to carry along with all your shopping bags. Never mind when the wind was blowing a gale or when the rain was beating down. (We’ve all been there, right?)

All this had led to a world where many people were missing the happiness of having flowers in their home – whose beauty, uniqueness, colours, scents and seasons they could enjoy. We were also losing our connection to nature.

Revolutionising an industry

Patrick and his friends Bart and Koen decided to do something about this. So they met over coffee (and some rather delicious biscuits) in the heart of Amsterdam. They pulled out a blank sheet of paper and pen, and designed a brand new supply chain from the ground up. In other words: the fastest possible route for the flowers, from the grower to your door. The three then met with the finest growers in the Netherlands and invited them to come on board and help revolutionise the industry. They were in. And bloomon was born.

More than just flowers

But it wasn’t just about getting flowers to you fast – or even ensuring they were the freshest. It was also about the experience. So we hired our flower artisan Anton to design different bouquets every time – each with a surprising twist. This element of surprise, along with our love of design, is something we really value. That’s why we also hired a strong creative team to design our bespoke packaging, and tell stories about the flowers in our bouquets. So we could brighten dreary days – or make sunny days that little bit happier.

Spreading happiness

Soon business was blooming (if you’ll excuse the pun). So after Amsterdam, we launched offices in Berlin and London. And to this day, continue our quest of spreading happiness throughout the world – with flowers.

And just so you know…

We love to meet our fans! In fact, we organise workshops, tours and even customer panels. Not only so we can share our passion for flowers – especially the rarer ones – but so we can get your valuable feedback.

Thank you for joining us on our quest!

PS. Want to know more about Patrick, Bart and Koen?

Patrick started his own little business in web design – when still a student. And later launched a healthy food delivery service. He loves to work with creative people and discover new tools to optimise the experience. He should not, however, be disturbed while listening to his ‘guilty pleasures’ playlist. And he loves to pick up a racket and hit a ball when he can.

Bart worked in the online division of a fashion company and on optimising the supply chain of a supermarket in his former life. His heart starts pounding when he’s minimising mistakes – even when just doing his shopping. When he’s not working, he spends every free minute speedskating or on his karaoke machine.

Koen came from the banking world and built up many online businesses in Asia before realising his future lay elsewhere. He is a real number cruncher and spends his time counting on how many tables we have already put flowers and happiness. When not smelling the roses, he loves to skydive and wakeboard. Or drive his old yet pretty fast car.