The bloomon process: super-fresh flowers direct to your door - bloomon

From bed to bouquet

Sleepy flowers straight from our growers

Your flowers come directly from our growers. That means that once your flowers are picked they don’t hang around in the cold morning air on the back of a lorry – or are crammed into a box, waiting for hours to be auctioned. bloomon delivers the sleepy little darlings straight from their bed to your table!

By cutting out all the steps in between – auctions, wholesalers, stores – we create days of extra freshness.

We also visit our growers in person to ensure top-notch quality and discuss when is the best times to put their seasonal flowers in your bouquet – and the optimum time to pick them.

Our flowers are fresher and stay fresher longer

Imperfectly perfect bouquets designed from the heart

Flowers are beautiful and deserve to be seen. But how often do they get lost in bad bouquets?

With a ‘less is more’ philosophy, our spacious designs allow each individual flower the chance to breathe – and shine. However, we encourage you to also play around with the arrangement. Our flowers will love your personal touch.

However, if a leaf is torn (the wind in Holland can be pretty harsh sometimes), we don’t just throw the whole flower away. That would be wasteful, unsustainable, and actually pretty unkind. We embrace nature’s imperfections so we can create something truly original for you...

Wrapped by hand, with love

Remember that scene from Love Actually when Rowan Atkinson gift wraps a necklace for Alan Rickman?

Well... we don’t go that far.

We like to minimise the amount of extra material we use, which is why our wrap is made from recycled paper.

But we do take the same amount of care, handwrapping each bouquet in our carefully crafted packaging, filled with lots of lovely little words to bring a smile to your face. And as a final flourish, tied it by hand, with love.

Our original wrap is specially designed so your flowers are all snug for their journey. We also make sure they don’t get thirsty; they’ll arrive in water.