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Inspiration from happy fellow flower lovers

bloomon X Amsterdam

Loubna Taghi

Loubna juggles her job at a PR agency in Amsterdam with her baby – 50/50. Balance is everything to her; it used to be all about work.

Your passion? Everything and anything that inspires, like visiting museums. But I’m also happy just reading a book, creating moments just for myself.

Current playlist on repeat? I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I keep listening to ‘old’ songs on Spotify, like those by Sade. It makes me nostalgic for the past.

Happiest moment of your life? I’m glad to say there’s not just one. It’s hearing birds singing when the weather warms up in Spring; my boyfriend proposing (I didn’t see it coming), and travelling. It’s in the little things.

Favourite city spot? The Rijksmuseum’s garden. It attracts a great mix of tourists and elderly people and has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.

A health tip? If you want to eat it – just eat it!

Your secret indulgence? It’s a little embarrassing but I love watching 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'. Don’t get me wrong, however, I enjoy classical music too…

How do you de-stress? Movies and TV shows are lifesavers: Romanzo Criminale, Les Petits Mouchoirs, Suits… I love watching them on my own, though. Others can join in – but not interrupt!

Favourite spot for your flowers? The dining table. No fruit basket next to it ;)

Your secret for happiness? Find balance. Don’t just focus on one thing, do a little bit of everything. And in moderation.

Your tip for navigating life? Want something? Don’t wait for the ‘right time’ – go for it now.

bloomon X Berlin

Tanja & Sachar Klein

Sachar loves spending time with people who make him feel "at home“, with his wife being one of them. Being passionate makes him a happy man.

What keeps you busy in life? My work. And of course my wife, family and friends. I love spending time with people who make me feel "at home“.

What are you passionate about? Football. I watch every game. My wife often says, "Our TV is broken. The screen is always green".

Who or what inspires you? It sounds very cheesy but the one person who inspires me most is my wife. She’s the best friend you always wished for. She’s dedicated and brings the best out of me.

Current playlist on repeat Years & Years: Shine; The Makemakes: I am Yours; Aloe Blacc: The Man; Mayer Hawthorne: Dreaming; Annie Drury: Some Day; Joy Denalane: Keine Religion; Alessia Cara: Here; Drake: Hotline Bling; Postscript: Dear Marie; Seafret: Oceans; Joco: Why didn’t I see; Layla: Oh my love

What are your favourite books or magazines? Everyone dealing with customers should read “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. You will learn so much about the perfect customer service. I read tons of magazines, there is not enough space to list them all, but I wouldn’t want to live without “brand eins”, “11 Freunde” and my wife’s “Instyle”.

What do you love about your city? There are prettier cities than Berlin – even in Germany. Just think of Hamburg. But Berlin is my home. All my favourite people live here.

What are your spots in the city? I love the KaDeWe. It makes me feel calm and comfortable to see people shopping. Everyone seems busy, but happy at the same time. When I was a child I spent many hours in the toy department. Being there today reminds me of my childhood.

Do you have a health tip? You shouldn’t ask me about this. I'm serious - I’m on a regular diet and do not do sports. Let’s just not talk about health, because I’m the worst person to ask.

Something surprising about you? I was a very good short track runner in school. Many people don’t believe me. It’s true anyway.

What is your secret talent? I’m very funny. Actually I’m still dreaming of a career as a stand up comedian. Unfortunately we’re talking about a very hidden talent.

bloomon X Antwerpen

Odin, Isabelle & Ezra

Odin is creative director of an ad agency while Isabelle is legal counsel for a large telecoms company. Their one-and-half-year-old son Ezra plays with LEGO Duplo blocks and eats a lot.

What keeps you busy in life? Odin is the Creative Director of an ad agency in Brussels and Isabelle is Legal Counsel for a big Telecom company. Ezra is their 1,5 year old son who loves to play with Duplo blocks, eats a lot and becomes giggly every time he sees a dog or cat.

Current playlist on repeat? Odin: In the car, on my way to work, I’m currently listening to ‘Sound & Color’ by Alabama Shakes. ‘In Colour’ by Jamie XX or ‘The Documentary 2’ by The Game, for the drive home. I really like ‘Golden Boy’ by Elf Kid to get the weekend started on a Friday evening.

Isabelle: Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye hasn’t left my playlist ever since I got an iPod. I’m always in the mood for some Michael Jackson tunes. And for the record: Beyoncé rules the world.

What are your favourite books or magazines? Odin is currently reading Mission Chinese Food, a cook book by Danny Bowien. Isabelle loves interior design and fashion magazines and also trashy gossip stuff – for fun.

Do you have a health tip? Isabelle: “A White Lady once in a while can’t hurt. I love spa’s and massages.We cook fresh food every day and always have a full fruit basket.”

Odin: “Play ball and eat steak.”

What is your secret talent? Isabelle: “Odin would be an amazing transvestite. He looks really masculine but he can shake his toushy and act like a lady.”

Odin: “Isabelle is actually REALLY handy in the house. She knows more about thermostats and stuff like that than me.”

What do flowers do for you? Isabelle: They make our house look nice, they bring nature inside, they set the mood, they makes us feel luxurious.

What’s your favourite place in your home for your flowers (and why)? Isabelle: "On the mantle, on the diner table, on the coffee table and Odin is plotting on building some big thing against the wall of our office to hang pots and plants on."