1. Redeem your gift card

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2. Choose your size

{{ (product.price + product.pricetax) /100 | currency:"£":2 | boPrettyPrice }} {{ product.size_desc }}

3. Make your own delivery schedule

Delivery schedule

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After completing this process, you will be able to log into your personal account. Here, you can always make changes to, pause or cancel your subscription. You will receive an update from DPD prior to your delivery

Delivery schedule

Based on your selection, this is your delivery schedule. You can make changes manually, as you wish.

You now have {{giftRedeemerCtrl.deliveriesCount}} deliveries scheduled and credit for {{giftRedeemerCtrl.suggestedDeliveriesCount}} . Please continue to add in your payment method in step 5, or you can {{giftRedeemerCtrl.deliveriesCount - giftRedeemerCtrl.suggestedDeliveriesCount}} unsubscribe


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4. Enter your delivery details

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5. Overview of your order

Your order

Your choice

{{ (giftRedeemerCtrl.deliveriesCount * giftRedeemerCtrl.productPrice + giftRedeemerCtrl.addonPrice) /100 | currency:"£":2 | boPrettyPrice }}

{{ giftRedeemerCtrl.deliveriesCount }} x {{ giftRedeemerCtrl.productPrice / 100 | currency:"£":2 | boPrettyPrice }} {{ giftRedeemerCtrl.selectedProduct.size_desc }}
1 x {{ giftRedeemerCtrl.addonPrice / 100 | currency:"£":2 }} {{ giftRedeemerCtrl.selectedProduct.addon.size_desc }} vase

Gift card value

{{ giftRedeemerCtrl.giftcode.value/100 | currency:"£":2 | boPrettyPrice }}

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Your delivery

First delivery

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{{ calendarCtrl.localSelectedDays[calendarCtrl.localSelectedDays.length-1] | date:'dd-MM-yyyy' }}

Amount of deliveries

{{ giftRedeemerCtrl.deliveriesCount }}

Payment method (attention, by entering you payment details you automatically become a customer, you can always stop your subscription)

Oops... There is a little issue when processing your payment details. But no worries- our customer support heroes will work this out for you. Call us at 020 3322 1989 or mail to [email protected]

Billing address

Thank you for your order!

We will send you an SMS

A delivery reminder with the time that you can expect your bouquet.

We'll send you a track & trace code by email the day before your delivery

So you can follow your delivery

Not home at the time of delivery? No problem!

Our delivery man will leave the flowers in a bucket of water in a safe place.

Not at home at the time of your delivery?

We'll try your neighbors or come back the next day

You can change your settings at any time

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