Ultimate tips for finding the right vase

Three simple tips to help get you started

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes; short and long stems, or stems that bend or wood-like ones. To get the most out of your bouquet consider that the shape of the vase also makes a big impact on the final look of your flower bunch. Here are our tips to find out which vase fits your flowers best.

Why is the vase so important?

So you might have been wondering about the importance of the vase. Well, we can tell you, it’s super important! It can upgrade or downsize the look of your entire bouquet! The shape and diameter of the neck determine how your bouquet is actually holding up.

There are three important things to look out for when choosing your vase:

1. The material of the vase

First of all, it’s important to pick the material of your vase. Preferably pick ceramics or glass. Chrystal is gorgeous but very hard to clean. Same goes for plastics. Also, not only is it hard to clean, plastic is very lightweight making it easier for your bouquet to tumble. And honestly, don’t you find glass and ceramics far more gorgeous?

2. Keep the length and sizes of your stems in mind

To pick the right size and shape of your vase, it’s important to know what kind of flowers and stems you’re actually dealing with. Sort them in categories: soft stems, tough stems and large flowers. Also, consider the length of your flower stems and how many you have of each.

3. The shape of the neck

There are so many different vases available: hourglass-shaped, orb- or cylinder-shaped, trumpet-shaped and many more. What you should really take into account is the size of the neck and the height of the vase in relation to the flower stems. Soft and long stems need more support to keep hold for example.

First, decide the height of the vase and then check the width of the neck. Does your vase have a slim neck? Then this one is perfect for a small bouquet ór for a few statement-stems, large flowers such as lilies or peonies.
Small vases are also perfect for a few flowers. Anything goes, but consider that heavy flowers droop easily so cut the stems, quite literally, short. A vase with a wide neck is suitable for a large bouquet ór for a few strong stems with lots of leaves and/or large flowers that need space to bloom.

Our vases

Of course, you can pick the best vase for any design yourself, but we also like to make it a bit more easy for you. Especially designed for our own flowers, we offer exclusive yet affordable vases with prices ranging between €12,50 en €29.

Ribbed vases

These luxury vases with a ribbed texture have a festive design and are perfect to create more volume because of the broad base and slim neck. The vases can be ordered separately and are available in two sizes:

  • ø 30 cm x 18 cm high
  • ø 35 cm x 22 cm high

Glass vases

These vases are iconic, play the perfect supporting role for your bouquet and give the stems all the space to bloom, shine and take centre stage. The vases are sold separately in the three different sizes:

  • ø 15 cm x 22 cm high
  • ø 18 cm x 29 cm high
  • ø 21 cm x 33 cm high

Ceramic vases

The ceramic vase is not to miss in any interior because this stylish and timeless design makes your flowers pop even more. The vases can be ordered individually and are available in three sizes:

  • ø 15 x 22 cm
  • ø 18 x 29 cm
  • ø 21 x 33 cm

Miniature glass vases

Mini-vases are just perfect to add a floral detail in any corner of your home or to give the flowers left over from your bouquet a second life! Our glass mini-vases can be ordered as a set and come in three sizes: ø 9 to 10 cm and 11 to 18 cm high.


Ceramic miniature vases

These mini-vases are available in pink and grey with a spotted pattern and rounded finish. Perfect to highlight a small selection of flowers. You can order the ceramic mini vases as a set and they come in the following sizes:

  • ø 8 cm x 10 cm
  • ø 7 cm x 13 cm
  • ø 9,2 cm x 16 cm

Fancy a fab new vase? Click here to order yours.

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