Flower arranging: Knowing how is half the work

You untie the yellow string… and your perfect bouquet scatters all over the table. Luckily, we have our expert flower artisan Stuart on hand. He’s going to show you how to arrange every single stem, so it looks bloomon amazing.

Ever built a tepee? If so, you’re half way there. Flower arranging is an art. And the secret is in criss-crossing the stems. But which first? And what should you avoid? Take a look at our handy tips for each of the bouquet sizes:

Small bouquet:

Medium bouquet:

Large bouquet:

Got the hang of it? We also have a few other tips to make your flowers tip-top. A sparkling clean vase does wonders, for instance. Go ahead and clean it with chlorine or bleach: it kills the bacteria. Your flowers will love you for it – and they’ll last longer. Remove any lower leaves, so they’re not hanging in the water. And don’t forget to slice an inch or so off the bottom of each stem before you pop it in.
Naturally, we’re curious to see the result. How about posting a photo on Facebook or Instagram so we can take a look? We love seeing them.

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