bloomon X Isabelle, Odin & Ezra

bloomon X Isabelle, Odin & Ezra

Odin is the Creative Director of an ad agency in Brussels and Isabelle is Legal Counsel for a big Telecom company. Ezra is their one year old son who loves to play with Duplo blocks, eats a lot and becomes giggly every time he sees a dog or cat! And they are Bloomonfans. We visited their beautiful home in Antwerpen, talked about life, playlists and secret talents.

Do you have a health tip?

Isabelle: “A White Lady once in a while can’t hurt. I love spa’s and massages. We cook fresh food every day and always have a full fruit basket.”

Odin: “Play ball and eat steak.”

What is your secret talent?

Isabelle: “Odin would be an amazing transvestite. He looks really masculine but he can shake his toushy and act like a lady.”

Odin: “Isabelle is actually really handy in the house. She knows more about thermostats and stuff like that than me.”

What do flowers do for you? “They make our house look nice, they bring nature inside, they set the mood, they makes us feel luxurious.”

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