Show me the peonies!

9 facts about spring’s favourite flower

One of the best things about spring, apart from the sunshine, is peony season. Perfect puffs of petals and large, voluptuous flowerheads that are just photogenic. We can’t deny, peonies are everyone’s favourite spring flower.

As the short, but oh-so-sweet peony season is coming to an end, we’re savouring it a little longer. Here’s our favourite facts and useful care tips about the Paeonia.

1. More than words

This lush sweet-scented flower in pastel colours is the epitome of romance. In floriography, the language of flowers, peonies represent true love, honour, and beauty. They’re are considered an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. No wonder Prince Harry and Meghan adorned their chapel with peonies!

2. Short but sweet

Peonies are as precious as they look. The perennial plant only produces flowers once a year – generally between April and June. With such a short season, it only adds to the allure. The peony craze is real!

Straight from the grower to your vase, from a tightly packed bud to cabbage-sized bloom, a peony blooms just five to seven days. As your bloomon bouquet lasts for at least ten days, it’s likely you’ll have to say goodbye to your peony first.

You keep your peonies looking as fresh as possible with some simple care tips: Trim 1-2 m off the stems at a sharp angle, remove all leaves below the vase rim and then place them in cold, clean water.

peonypeony - 9 facts about peonies that give you that spring feeling-9 facts about peonies that give you that spring feeling

3. Bud to bloom!

We deliver our flowers in the bud to maximise vase-life. You’ll notice peony buds are tiny! Tightly closed. But once they bloom, they are all show peonies. The diameter of a peony flower can reach up to twenty centimetres. That’s about the same size as a small broccoli or cabbage!

ProTip: Make sure you give peonies room to bloom, their teeny bud-size is deceiving. Best not to crowd them in a vase.

4. Healing effect

The peony got its name from Paeon, a mythical Greek figure who studied with the god of medicine. The so-called peony herb has a history of being been for centuries in their native China as a traditional medicine against stomach pain, urinary problems, and acute infections. These medicines are all made from purified extracts of the flower by specialists, so we recommend you leaving your peony in the vase to admire from afar!

peony - 9 facts about peonies that give you that spring feeling

5. A long life

In total contrast to the flowers that bloom so briefly, the peony plant can outlive a human being. A healthy plant can last more than a hundred years!

6. Sugar-sweet

Touching a peony can leave you with sticky fingers. This is the natural sweet nectar that they create as they grow and bloom. Sometimes, they can even have a little trouble blooming, because their leaves are stuck.

Time for a peony rescue! Gently wash off the sticky sap to encourage them to open. Grower Niels Molenaar’s tip: “Keep the bud down so the water does not flow through the dense leaves. Big chance that your flower will be in full bloom within two to three days!”

peony - 9 facts about peonies that give you that spring feeling

7. Love at first bite

It’s not only us flower lovers that fall head over heels for peonies, ants are also in love with the flower. Ants are attracted to the sugary nectar in the garden, which is actually is very good for the flowering process. Don’t worry, we do our best to deliver our bouquets creepy-crawly free!

8. Show me the peonies!

Peony fans rejoice! the only genus in family Paeoniaceae, Paeonia, has no less than 1,500 varieties! We have an extra soft spot for the Coral peony is extra special: as when its petals unfurl, it slowly changes colour.

9. A hidden message

Last but not least, peonies carry an extra special message: ‘Always try to act with honour and respect, do not be afraid to admit your mistakes and share your love with as many others as possible’.

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