10 Tips for taking stunning photos of flowers

Capture your bouquet at its best

We can't get enough of the way flowers blossom. In the bud and then, bloom! Beautiful, bright but sadly, not forever. The best way to capture the beautiful flowers in your bouquet is with flower photography. And thanks to smartphones, we can all be budding photographers! Here are ten simple tips to taking beautiful floral photos that will make your bouquet look lush and Instagram-worthy.

"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

1. Lights, camera, action!

Lighting is paramount when photographing flowers. Ideally, you want soft and natural daylight — an overcast day is actually flattering for flowers! Bright light or fluorescent bulbs can cause harsh shadows and overexposed highlights. Whilst playing with shadows can be great, softer light brings out the delicate nature of your bouquet. Strong light through your window? A lace curtain will diffuse it nicely.

2. Space out

Empty space and an uncluttered background in your photo give focus to the star: your flowers. The iconic bloomon style simply allows each flower room to bloom. When photographing your bouquet, we recommend some breathing space, too. Use a piece of plain card as a backdrop if you don’t have a clear wall at home!

3. Get perspective

As Ansel Adams said, “a good photograph is knowing where to stand”. Using an unconventional perspective can create an interesting shot. Photos taken from a lower angle will make your bouquet appear bigger. A higher angle looks into the heart of the flowers.


4. Rule of thirds

A golden rule for composition! Align your object of focus – the whole bouquet or a single bloom – along the lines of thirds. Keeping things off-centre along the vertical or horizontal lines of thirds will really make your picture pop.

5. Rule of odds

Avoid symmetry! Really. When arranging your bouquet, create interesting shapes and an organic feel. Same for photos. Unsymmetrical bouquets and odd numbers of flowers in a close up are more aesthetically pleasing in flower photography and create points of interest.


6. Tell a story

What’s the secret to standing out amongst the thousands of images on Instagram? Every memorable photograph tells a story. Giving your floral photo context makes it unique. A child arranging flowers, or a bouquet on the breakfast table –  images are a powerful storytelling tool!

7. Ready, steady

We have a tendency to snap a quick picture, holding the phone in one hand. But holding your phone steady (with two hands!) increases the quality of your photos. Control is key to avoid blurring. #Protip: hold your breath when you take the photo for extra steadiness.


8. Zoom, zoom

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a floral close-up (aka beauty shot) to show off the character of the flower! Tip: don’t zoom using your phone itself – it reduces the quality of the image. A digital zoom is effectively an in-camera crop (different from optical zoom). To retain the quality of your image, crop in your phone’s built-in editor or an editing tool once you’ve taken it…

9. Fresh as a daisy

Want to create dewy shots of flowers that look fresher than fresh? Spritz them with a little water. Voilà! Delicious-looking dew drops.

10. Finishing touches!

Speaking of editing! Natural looking images are by far the way to go (#saynotofilters), a little enhancing is A-OK. Most iOS and Android phones come with built-in editing. Alternatively, adjust your image directly in Instagram or try a free editing tool like Snapseed.


BONUS editing tips:


Adjusting the brightness levels to make it sunnier can lift an image and make it pop. As does raising the exposure levels.


Adjusting the brightness or exposure can wash out the colours of your flowers. Try upping the contrast for more definition. Another trick is to define shadows  by lowering the black point and highlights whiter, accentuating sharpness and detail.


Increasing the saturation increases the vibrancy of the flowers in your bouquet. Keep it looking natural, though! Afterall, you’re photographing something naturally beautiful.

We hope we’ve inspired your inner flower photographer! Share your pictures on Facebook or Instagram using #bloomon. The floral community love seeing your flowers after you photographed them like a pro and so do we!

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