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Treat yourself to a subscription

A flower subscription will give you ease, and you can save up to £ 5 per bouquet. You decide how often, and when we deliver flowers and there are no strings attached.

Discover the Holiday Collection

Create a beautiful home with our Holiday collection. Sparkling bouquets and festive vases for yourself or as a gift. Now in our floral shop!

The very best flowers

Together with our growers, we select the best flowers each season has to offer. We shorten the journey for our flowers by skipping the auction and wholesale, so that you can enjoy your flowers much longer, up to 10 days.

Flowers that make everyone happy

That's what we strive for. We do this by offering beautiful and robust flowers with using fewer pesticides, by making sure that all our flowers are 100% climate-neutral and by sharing the positive effect of flowers on people's health with as many people as possible.